Aquamarine Earrings—Color Matters

Aquamarine earrings are elegant, beautiful, and can be costly.  Let’s say you are standing at the jewelry counter. In front of you are two pairs of natural aquamarine earrings. They are the same size and setting.  One pair cost $56.73.  The other costs $221.99.  Why is there a price difference?

With aquamarine, the color of the stones affect the price.  Aquamarine ranges in color from light greenish, blue to dark blue.  Each shade has its own price range.  It probably isn’t the way you think.  You would think that the darker it is, the higher the price.  Wrong.

Each shade is priced individually.  Here is how they are priced.  All prices are for 1 carat,

  • The darkest one listed is a medium blue.  It has a strong greenish blue hint.  It is priced at $703.56
  • The light green/blue is mostly green, but has a strong bluish hint.  It is priced at $232.68.
  • The light, very strongly green has a bluish hint.  It is priced at  $191.50
  • The very, very light, almost white has blue hints.  It is priced at $83.72
  • The very light bluish/green is almost baby blue.  It is priced at $172.33.

No price for the darker aquamarine shades was found.  The difference in prices was surprising.  Particular because they didn’t hold to the expected pattern.  It is possible that the higher priced stones are harder to find.  The lower priced are easier to find.

No matter which shade you prefer, natural aquamarine is not cheap.  Remember these prices were per caret.  One carat is 6.5 mm.  Not very big.  So if you are going to choose a pair of natural aquamarine earrings, prepare for the cost.  A pair of natural aquamarine earrings on Tiffany & Co weighed .12 c and was priced at $425.00.   There are less expensive earrings, but if you are a stickler for the pure, your natural aquamarine earrings will be costly.