Popular Gemstones for Earrings

When it comes to selecting a great pair of earrings, men often find themselves out of the loop. Whether you are shopping for that special lady in your life, a loved one or a friend, you should know what some of the most popular gemstones for earrings are before making your final purchase decision. Knowing what gemstones there are and how to choose them will help you choose the right pair of earrings to make that special lady smile with satisfaction and delight.

Most Popular Gemstones For You


While it comes as no surprise here, women love their diamonds. Diamonds are still a timeless, cherished and classic gemstone that accentuates a woman’s earlobe and provides a lovely pair of earrings.


Among the list of the most popular gemstones for earrings are pearls. Again, this is no surprise since pearls offer a classic look that is suited for any lady in your life. Pearls make a woman feel divine, dignified and special.


There is something about the lovely glint of blue-green color on an earlobe that makes stunning aquamarine earrings a popular choice among many ladies. They give off a sparkle and a pop of color that draws attention, putting your special lady in the limelight where she belongs.

Stunning Aquamarine Gemstones For Your Earrings


Amethyst is among the list of several of the most popular gemstones for earrings that women love. Perhaps it has something to do with that smoky brilliance of purple, that hint of mystery that dangles off her earlobe like a luscious form of temptation.


Who can forget about emeralds? Emeralds are bright, brilliant green gemstones that look magnificent on any woman of any age, whether young or old. Any woman would be happy to receive a pair of emerald earrings as a gift.


Tourmaline is one of the newest additions among available gemstones and it is still quite popular. What makes this particular gemstone so popular is the fact that it is available in array of different colors, each beautiful in their own way, especially when worn as earrings.


Although garnets have ended up on the list as popular gemstones for earrings, that was not always the case. Just a decade or so ago, many women turned away from garnets because they looked more like a reddish-brown color than an actual red. Today, they are made in vibrant red colors that women love.


Opals definitely make the top 10 list for most popular gemstones, particularly when it comes to jewelry such as earrings. This extravagant gem offers swirls of soft color that adds just the right amount of beauty to make any woman swoon.


Blue is often considered a favorite color by many women, which is why sapphire earrings are also a popular choice. Sapphires can come in dark blue or bright blue hues that shine when the light touches it, offering sparkling beauty for your lady’s ears.



Last, but certainly not least is the topaz. While this gemstone was not always a popular choice for earrings, the fact that topaz is now available in a variety of colors such as pink and blue topaz has caused many women to fall in love enough to wear it on their ears.

The next time you hit the jewel stores for your earrings project, you know what to get your mom, sister or girlfriend whom you wish to give the pair of earrings to.